A1 Interviewing & Resume Tips



What are the job duties?

Do you have a job description for this position?

Are there any special duties with this position?

To whom does this position report?

Is this a new position?  If not, may I ask why this job is available?

Are there any tests given to candidates for this position?

Will there be any kind of training if I am the successful candidate?

What would a typical day be like?

What characteristics best describe the individuals who are successful in this type of position?

What is the most important part of this job?

How often will my performance be reviewed?

What future does this job have, where might I go from here?

Who will I be working with in this position?  What other positions or departments will I interact with most?

Is this a union or non-union position?

How does this position "fit" in the department and/or company?

Does this position offer exposure to other facets of your organization?

How much decision making authority will I have in this position?

Will I be responsible for any cash accounts or budgets?

Are employees ever transferred between functional areas within your company?

Does your company encourage its employees to pursue additional education?  Do you have a tuition aid program?

What is the top job you can have in this career with your company?

Will there be any travel required with this position?  If yes, would I be traveling with anyone else?

If I am asked to work overtime, how will I be paid?

Is there work scheduled on weekends in this position?

Ask questions about salary and benefits last, if at all initially.