A1 Interviewing & Resume Tips



This checklist will help you identify where you may be off target in your job search.  Listed below are statements concerning job search preparation.  Read each statement and check those that describe you.  Tally the number of checks and calculate your search readiness. 

  • I have decided on a specific career objective.

  • I can identify five of my strengths and can name several weaknesses.

  • I have reviewed all of my working and outside activities and made a list of my skills based on these experiences.

  • I can describe situations that demonstrate I have the skills listed in the preceding statement.

  • I have a well-written resume that sells my skills.

  • I have thought about my lifestyle and geographical preferences.

  • I know of at least three fields of employment where I might fit.

  • I can name five employers that hire people with my background.

  • I have used at least four different resources to gather names of potential employers.

  • I have spoken with at least three people who are employed in fields I am interested in, to learn more about what they do.

  • I keep a job interest notebook with articles on interesting careers, want ads of ideal positions, and notes from informational interviews I conduct.

  • I thoroughly research each organization I interview with and can clearly state why I am interested in working for each employer with whom I apply.

  • I am familiar with common interview questions and have prepared written responses to them.

  • I have thought of alternatives if I am unable to find the type of position I want.