A1 Interviewing & Resume Tips


Keep your resume to one page.  Be brief and to the point.  Career Objective is optional, but limits your potential.  You can state your objective in the interview.  Do not use the word I anywhere on the resume.



City, State  Zip

Phone Number


Mon/Yr-Present      Company Name, City, State


Description of position.  State all responsibilities as clearly and concisely as possible.  List all computer or other skills used.  If you have been promoted or transferred to another position, separate the two positions to clearly define the  jobs.

If you have had quite a few positions, state only the last ten years.  If you have worked temp, do not put them downs as a "permanent" position.  State that you worked temporary assignments and review some of the main duties and skills used.  It is necessary to state what you did with no gaps on the resume.


1/2000-1/2004       Citycell,                                       Dhaka

                             Office Manager  (6/2002-1/2004)

Responsibilities included:  supervision of  three clerical employees, accounts payable and accounts receivable, composition of correspondence, statistical reports and miscellaneous projects.

Receptionist  (1/2000-6/2002)

Responsibilities included:  answering 100 incoming lines and 350 extensions, memos, reports, Dictaphone and general office duties.


EDUCATION              College or University

Degree and Date

Any outstanding accomplishments or GPA

High School

Any outstanding accomplishments or GPA


SKILLS                        If skills are good, list.  List all software packages used and typing and shorthand Optional speeds.


REFERENCES           Available upon request.