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Job Posted On: 14-1-2016

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No. of Vacancies:-
Job Responsibilities:-
1.Facilitate to engage BGMEA, BKMEA, Brands/Buyers, Trade Union and Government body like Ministry of Commerce, Jute & Clothing, Family Planning and Labour.
2.Facilitate meetings and create liaison between Project and Industry Leaders, BGMEA, BKMEA, Buyers and Brands, Media, Trade and government body-especially Ministry of Commerce, Labour, Health & Family Planning, and Clothing etc.
3.Mobilize stakeholders and representatives for meetings, conferences and workshop organized the project.
4.Play the advocacy role in the project for creating the buy-in of Industry Leaders, BGMEA, BKMEA, Buyers and Brands, Media and government bodies
5.Provide expert opinion, guidance and participate actively in project events.
6.Engage in dialogue and contribute to project interventions.
7.Facilitate topromote SRHR good practices of the participating factories and service providers in the national and international platform, buyers, consumers, trade bodies and unions.
8.Building partnership with industries, trade bodies, unions, media and development agencies for creating synergy to achieve common goal.
Education Requirement:-
Technical/Professional Requirements:-
Experience Requirements:-
Additional Job Requirements:-

Salary Range:-
Job Location:-
Apply Instructions:-

Apply Instructions:
The consultant needs to submit the following details and documents:
- A cover letter mentioning his/her interest and motivation for this consultancy
- 3-page CV detailing his/her experiences in relation to the scope mentioned and
- A separate cost sheet specifying his/her hourly and daily rates expressed in Bangladeshi Taka only.Please note, SNV payments are subject to deduction of applicable TAX and VAT in compliance with the rules of Bangladesh

Please send the above documents to SNV no later than January 20, 2016 at the email: bangladesh@snvworld.org with a copy to fkhan@snvworld.org

Application deadline ::

day -mon -2016 ( 21 Days Left )

House No. 11 (2nd Floor)│ Road No. 72 | Gulshan-2
+88 02 9888708-09

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