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Job Posted On: 2-8-2016

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Maths Teacher (Classes 1-4) Share on Facebook
No. of Vacancies:-
Job Responsibilities:-
Preparing lessons, ensuring active participation of students in classes, checking student work, ensuring assessments are made regularly, meeting with parents, taking part in the life of the school. (Middle Section)
Education Requirement:-
Master's degree, or equivalent, in a relevant subject.
Technical/Professional Requirements:-
Experience Requirements:-
At least 3 year(s)
The applicants should have experience in the following area(s):
The applicants should have experience in the following business area(s):
Additional Job Requirements:-
Age At least 23 year(s)
A good command of English is essential.
Candidates need to show a willingness to upgrade themselves to fit our teaching methodology.

Salary Range:-
Job Location:-
Apply Instructions:-

Send your CV to recruitment_junior@sjwschool.org or

Application deadline ::

day -mon -2016 ( 17 Days Left )

United City, Satarkul, Dhaka -1229

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